Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some revitalizing fresh mountain air

I had the most wonderful ride this morning! The sun was shining and the air was still a bit chilly, at least in the beginning. I was riding my 4year old Trigger. I found a headstall that he likes, a sidepull that I did a little work on to make it fit him better. He is very relaxed and content without a bit.

For the first time ever I had all three dogs with me when I was riding. I take walks with them all three off leashes every day but I have never brought all of them on any ride. Whitey, the puppy, had never been with me on any ride but it´s something that I´ve been preparing him for, by walking him and Trigger together.

All three dogs stayed close at all times and Trigger enjoyed himself. The only minor issue we had was when Trigger wanted to stop for a pee brake and Stella, the German shepherd didn´t want to let him stop. She´s got very strong herding instincts. I dismounted to assure everyone it was OK to stop. We had a little break in a beautiful opening. Days like this I have a hard time imagining life could be any better. Until I get home and hug my baby girl and even this great day got better!


  1. i Could do with some mountain air right now! Since that is not possible, I will read your beautiful blog Maria

  2. Awe!!I´ll send you some air, herre you go!

    Thank You! I enjoy reading about you and your little princess :)


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