Friday, October 5, 2012

A horse that everybody can ride

When you move to a place where you don´t know anyone, kind of like we did in the beginning of this year all your friends live far away. Most of Philip´s friends live in other parts of California, most of my friends live in other countries. Our friends can´t drop in for a cup of coffee that easily. When they come they stay at least for the day, a weekend or longer.  It would be nice to have at least one horse that anyone can take for a ride. We don´t have that. For a while we´ve been looking for a horse like that. Ideally a horse that we could enjoy riding between guests too.

Today we went to look at a horse that might match all above. He´s a 12 year old Quarter Horse, 15.1hh and BIG, a finished roping horse that only ben ridden a few times the last year. We went to the ranch where he lives to meet him. The lady that showed him only had a little time in between meetings to show him and we spent less than an hour there. He was out on a pasture when we came and immediately came up to us. He was very friendly a little bit too much in my space for my likings. Philip fell in love at first sight. I told him to keep it down even if he liked the horse on the way there but that was impossible.

The horse seemed sound and very willing to do things. The owner jumped up on his back bareback with only a stable halter and did all the things you want your horse to be able to do. I believe that he could do the job we needed him to do. Since Philip is the one in charge for this purchase he already made arrangements for the horse. Not wasting any time here! It was a nice horse and it was a “Philip kind of horse” J our guests will be safe on his back and it will be nice to have a well educated horse to take for a ride every once in a while. His name is Norman. When we left the pasture he followed Philip around like a dog, it was like if he also made up his mind!

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