Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This morning it happened again!

Hayley woke up “early” around 6am this morning to eat. After she finished eating she fell asleep again. Hayley was still asleep (next to Daddy in our bed) after I finished my chores outside. Once again I had my morning coffee in a quiet house. On my long list of things to do today was a lot of paperwork. I almost started to work on that but decided that my husband probably would like some homemade bread for breakfast. (A good enough excuse for postponing that paperwork, right?)

Then Hayley wakes up with a big smile. We make the dough together in the kitchen. She is fascinated about mixing the ingredients. I always tell her what I do and why. Right now she probably just likes hearing my voice but one day soon she will understand what I´m talking about. (I know this for sure because I did this with my little sister Johnna when she was a child. Cancer killed our Mom when I was twelve and she was three years old. Even before that when Mom was very ill I did most of the cooking/baking things in the kitchen. At the age of three Johnna could bake cinnamon rolls by herself! She had seen me do it a hundred times at least. I did supervise the actual baking in the oven but she did all the rest completely by herself. I had made the recipe into a drawing that she easily could understand.) Hayley and I listened to some Swedish music and sang along while we were making the dough.

While the dough is resting Hayley wants to go out and look at trees. (Another very good reason to delay that boring paperwork for a little while…) We´re setting a record (for us) by doing a one mile (very hilly) powerwalk in 15min. Maybe it doesn´t seems like very fast but with a baby on your belly in difficult terrain it´s a real workout. Back home it´s time to put our bread in the oven, feed Hayley and after that one thing after another has to be taken care of, paperwork not being one of those things. Well, well…..I guess the paperwork still will be here waiting for me when Hayley is asleep tonight J

I´m not complaining! I like busy days and we´re having fun Hayley and me, while we´re being busy doing every day ranch stuff. I wouldn´t trade this for anything in the whole world but that cup of coffee in a silent house is a nice start on a busy day J


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