Monday, October 8, 2012

Philip´s new horse and a puppy!

This has been a great day! I spend the morning working in the yard. The weather was perfect, sunny but not too warm. I had the best company, Neikka and my horses :)
Later we picked up Philip´s new horse Norman. Everything went very smooth. He trailered like a pro, the ride home was short and we tried two put him in a pasture with two very friendly horses and that went very well too. He´s been by himself on a pasture for a while but I think this will work out fine. They were all eating from the same pile of hay when I left them, even though they had several piles. I took some pictures but it was getting dark.  He seems to be a really nice horse. We´re going to take him for a ride tomorrow.
The Lady we bought him from also foster dogs, pregnant dogs from the Human Society. Right now she had a litter that is ten weeks old. Born on the same day as Hayley! We saw them and their mom (adorable) when we looked at Norman the first time a few days ago. I´ve wanted to have a pit bull puppy for quite some time now. I feel much better about adopting one than buying one and I really liked one of the puppies in this litter. A very forward going “little” guy. Maybe not that little, he weighs more than Hayley. He came with a name, Whitey. I think that´s a great name so I´m going to keep calling him that. He has a very sweet personality.
When we came home and the horses were settled on their pastures I let the other dogs meet Whitey. That went very well. Stella and Whitey will have lots of fun playing together. Neikka and Whitey was very friendly with each other as well.

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