Saturday, October 6, 2012

About Neikka; and Hayley´s newfound love for the kitchen

Hayley got her first immunization shots yesterday so I expected her to be fuzzy and maybe not sleep so well last night. Instead she slept for seven hours straight, ate some and then slept three more hours. She´s been all sunshine the whole day. No naps though, but I guess maybe she didn´t need that after sleeping so well last night. She did fell asleep at 6pm this afternoon totally exhausted but I actually plan to wake her up soon so she sleeps tonight.

We went for a long walk this morning and my dog Neikka almost got hit by a car, twice! Her eyesight´s getting worse every day. Philip thinks she´s blind. I love her so much and it´s hard to see her walk into things. I don´t think I dare to take her on walks on the road anymore I´m afraid she´s not going to be lucky the next time. When I hear a car come close I tell her to come and sit next to me, she always comes running. Except now she sits down in the middle of the road every other time I call her. I literally have to grab her by the collar and lift her out of the way for a car today. She thought she did as she was told, coming and sitting down. Later today when I checked on a horse I left the gate open for her because I knew she was going to come. Instead she started to crawl where the gate usually are to get under it, except there was no gate there. Lately she sometimes falls down the stairs which is not like her at all. Besides this she is extremely happy, healthy, fit and energetic as always. She is old but it´s hard to watch her struggle with things that she never had trouble with before.

Or when I think about it, she doesn´t have the same energy level as she used to have. She used to be my shadow wherever I went but lately she haven´t been that. Stella, Philip´s dog, have been the first one to greet me when I come home for a while now and she´s the one coming with me when I do work around the ranch nowadays.


I discovered something completely different this week and that is that my daughter enjoys being in the kitchen as much as I do! She looks at everything I do with her big eyes and babble on with her lovely voice until she can´t hold her eyes open any more. That was what happened this afternoon. I baked cinnamon buns and she was very focused on the procedure until it was time to bake them in the oven then she fell asleep J This newfound joy of watching things in the kitchen makes me very happy because now I have a happy girl while I´m cooking and baking. That means that I can spend more time doing what I enjoy without feeling bad about it J Can´t wait until she wants to help!

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