Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Being a mom...part 2

Ready for our morning walk
A big thank you to everyone that responded to yesterday’s post about luck of sleep here on the blog, by mail or on Facebook. I really appreciate all the good mommy advices I got!
I am going to focus on what I can do and remember it´s only temporary J
Hayley actually slept four hours in her crib last night, that´s a start. Today I have been trying to rest when she´s been taking a nap as well. I even skipped my morning coffee so I could take a nap with her, If I drink coffee in the morning there is no way I can lay down and rest. (I must say that the morning was horrible without coffee but the nap was nice.) I also have several bottles of breast milk ready in the fridge for really long nights..

We spent most of the day outside today because we both enjoy being outside, it sort of brings out the best in us. Outside I don´t feel as tired as I do in the house.
We took a long walk with the dogs enjoying all the beautiful colors of nature this season. We did train on some commands with the dogs as well. After the walk we worked in the garden and I even fed Hayley outside. We had a big audience! The horses and dogs surrounded us and I had to move my chair so that I at least had my back free! Stella watched everyone carefully and made sure everything was going well. Faxi was standing with his muzzle on my free arm the whole time. Trigger was watching over my other shoulder with his muzzle on Hayleys head. Neikka and Whitey was sitting at my feet.  It was a very strong moment.

All the animals loves Hayley. They are so patient with her. If she cries they all wanna know what´s wrong. Recently she´d start to grab things and they all let her explore their soft skin even if she accidently pinch them from time to time. She loves when I hold her close to Wrangle, his coat is so soft and he stands absolutely still gazing into her eyes (as long as I keep an eye on Trigger..).

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