Monday, October 29, 2012

Hayley and Whitey three months old

Hayley 3months
It feels like yesterday we came home from the hospital with Hayley. It´s already three months ago. She is growing so fast. It almost feels unreal. She is getting stronger every day. When she´s on her blanket having tummy time on the floor she decides herself when she had enough tummy time, simply by turning around to her back. She does it all the time. I feel blessed that I´m able to spend my days with her and follow her development as she conquers her world.

Her favorite thing to do right now is looking at trees. She loves being in the forest. As soon as we enter the forest, either at home or at some other trail she takes a deep breath and smiles. She wants to walk around and look at different kinds of trees and leaves. She sits in her Baby Björn and looks around happily until she falls asleep. It takes everything between 30min and a couple of hours. She is always pleased, happy and satisfied when she can look at trees.
We take at least one longer walk/hike every day no matter what kind of weather we have (exception: tornado..) Today we took Whitey with us and drove to a nearby trailhead in Eldorado National Forest. In the truck on the way there she complained the whole way over how bored she was, just to change mood as soon as we parked and I opened her door. She loves the outdoors so much.

It was warm today around 80 degreese Fahrenheit, sunny and now wind. I planned for a 1,5mile hike; a steep climb in the beginning, some forested area with shade and a big creek in the end of the hike. That is as much as Whitey can do right now and still have fun. After a hike like that he is very tired and enjoys cooling off in the creek. We did this hike a couple of weeks ago too and he was much more tired then. Today he had a lot of fun. When it´s only him and me I take the opportunity to train him to walk with me in a leash. He´s doing great. He is very willing to please and gets a lot of treats and praise of course. When I stop and look at him while we are on a walk he stops and sit down 99% of the time before I ask him to sit.

I brought one bottle of water to drink during the hike and Whitey drank most of it. It was a great hike. The warm, sunny weather brought out a lot of rattlesnakes. We heard them everywhere but didn´t see them. I saw a glimpse of a mountain lion in a tree. I´ve never seen one before. I´m sure they see me all the time though. The National Forest is their country, big rocks and plenty of trees, hundreds and hundreds miles of pure wilderness.


  1. Maria,
    Reading this blog is my daily dose of excitement! Mountain lions, rattle snakes I wish I could come visit you!

  2. Haha I like that "daily dose of excitement"! I think it´s exciting to live here too, like I said the nature is addicting. Sure there is every day things that are not that exciting as well. Like you, I love to travel and I believe every place have it´s own dose of excitment- if you have the right "glasses" on.
    Seattle is not that far away a visit some day wouldn´t be impossible. Our girls might have a lot of fun together :)

  3. OH I just want to pinch those adorable little cheeks-- too sweet.

    Stopping by to say "hi" and to follow you here. AND... to invite you to join me for An ALOHA Affair. It's a truly unique chance to share your beautiful work with other bloggers and creative souls who are interested in growing in meaningful ways. 'hope to see ya soon.


  4. Thank you Nicole! Your blog is beautiful. Makes me wanna go to Hawaii! I´ve been there a couple of times but especially today, we got the first snow last night, it sure would be nice to hang out at a beach :)

  5. Wow!Nature at its best!I love your blog!


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