Monday, October 1, 2012

Fitness + Wild Horse Rider

I would lie if I said that I didn´t care about how I look. I mean.. I don´t use tons of makeup, a little mascara will do the job BUT I like being fit. The major reason though is honestly that I like to feel strong physically. When I feel strong my whole day and everything in it becomes more enjoyable. It makes me a better Mom (more energy for fun things and less back pain etc.), a better rider and a more productive worker. Of course it´s totally up to me to make sure I am fit and as a bonus I feel more content with the way I look as well. I was fit before I got pregnant. Fit enough to do some modeling and feel as strong as I can feel. As I think I mentioned before, I gained more weight  than I wanted when I was pregnant (even though I ate healthy and exercised..) Now it´s time to get rid of those extra lbs. (still have 15 extra lbs. of the 44lbs I gained to get rid of) and get that strength back!
I feel that it´s very helpful to start every day with a long walk to maximize my energy no matter how tired I am when I start the walk. If I start my day with a walk I´m more likely to do some other kind of exercise during the day. I´ve started to ride again and lift weights. It feels really good and I feel stronger every day. I focus on the mental picture of me doing activities that I love that require a fit body to be fun; like climbing, endurance riding and longer hikes in the mountains.
Talking of mountains I´m reading a very exciting book “Wild horse rider” by Rick Steber. My husband bought it for me when he went to Oregon to pick up my new horse. It´s about a man, Lew Minor, a legend , who was born in Hells Canyon surrounded by the high Wallowas in Oregon . I will tell you more about the book when I finished it. It´s based on a true story. The language is very rich and I really like the book, the characters and the story so far. I highly recommend that you check it out!


  1. Fantastisk natur!!!!! Har man inte sett det så fattar man inte hur magnifikt det är!! Sofia (i Alingsås)

  2. Eller hur! Jag håller med! Tack för din feedback :)Maria


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