Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A dream about Hayley and her mustang!

I rarely remember what I dream when I sleep. Last night I had a long dream that I do remember. It was very clear and specific. The dream was in different sequences, one scene and then the dream jumped a couple of years, another scene and then jumped a couple of years again. It was about my daughter Hayley and a little brown mare, a mustang.

In the first sequence they are on a field, Hayley might be 7-8years old. I can only hear the wind, it´s like if I´m watching them from a distance. The mare look rugged, her mane and tail are all tangled up in knots. She´s got very wise eyes. This sequence is only a few seconds.

The next is Hayley and that same mare on a ranch somewhere. It´s our ranch. Hayley might be around 12years old and she´s getting the mare ready for a ride. This sequence is also rather short but I´m closer this time and I can hear Hayley talk to the mare about where they are going to ride. The mare´s name is Manilla. They seem to be very synchronized.

The next sequence is a little longer. Hayley and I are talking while she is sitting on Manilla. She´s about 15years old and it´s a holiday. Manilla and Hayley are about to go camping in the mountains. I get to see short snap shots from their trip. They are riding on a mountain towards a lake where they build their camp for two nights. When they come back Hayley tells me that she know what to do to save the mustangs and that she have to start working. Then I wake up from my dream…

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