Saturday, October 13, 2012


Lately I´ve been longing to go on longer rides with my horse. I haven´t been able to go very far because I breastfeed Hayley and she eats all the time. I didn´t want to start her on bottles when she was newborn but I thought I give it a try now since she is eating so well. I bought a breast pump the other day and tried it today for the first time. Very convenient. Still I wasn´t sure how Hayley was going to react. We´ve been trying to give her a pacifier a couple of times. She hates pacifiers. So did my son and he never accepted anything from a bottle, ever. I breastfed him for 13 months. I gave Hayley her first bottle today and it took her only a few seconds to figure out how it worked and she was very pleased. When she finished the bottle she turned to the breast and finished her meal there, no big deal at all. She´s a very easy baby to please most of the time J
It been cloudy a couple of days but today the sun´s been shining and it´s a beautiful day. The colors are amazing this time of year. When Hayley took a nap and the chores were done I sat down on a lawn chair with Whitey in my lap and just enjoyed the beautiful day. Sometimes I have to remind myself to enjoy those small moments and not rush. There will always be things to do but I´m a much happier and more generous person if I give myself a break sometimes!


  1. Sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses and it's great that you're savouring these moments!

    Have a blessed Sunday!

    1. Thank You! Yes it´s so easy to rush around doing "all the important" things that always needs to be done...You have a great day too :)


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