Monday, October 22, 2012

Trigger´s Photo Shoot

Yesterday was so busy that I never had time to write on my blog. In the morning Hayley had a tummy ache and I pretty much spend it walking around with her, giving her massage, changing diapers and feeding her. Our plan was to leave the house at 1pm for the photo shoot a couple of hours away. It was our turn at 4pm and according to the GPS we should be at our destination 3.20pm if we left at 1pm. Plenty of time for unloading Trigger, walk him around in the new environment for a little bit, saddle up etc.

Things doesn´t always go according to the plan though. At 1pm I was still in my PJ:s with a screaming baby on my arm. I hadn´t thought about what I should wear or groomed my horse yet. Not exactly ready to go! With Hayley on my arm I put some mascara on my very tired face (zero sleep the night before). About this time her daddy came home and took her while I groomed Trigger (not as thoroughly as I planned!). Whitey thought it was a lot of fun with me running around doing a hundred things at the same time. He joined the fun by taking first Triggers brush, while I was taking off the blanket I made Trigger wear after his bath. I found the brush in the wood pile. While I was grooming Trigger Whitey took the hoof pick and hid it, I never found it.. Luckily we have more than one. I have only myself to blame though, Whitey and I usually play games in the mornings and I didn´t have time to do that yesterday. I can´t blame him for not understanding that this kind of running around is not a game.

Trigger walked straight into the trailer. Thank god for his very cooperative, sweet soul! .

When Trigger was in the trailer I got dressed in a hurry, leaving without even brushing my hair.. By now the time was 2pm. The road was partly very bumpy and Trigger had a pretty rough ride. 4.15 we reached our destination; Black Duck Arabians. Luckily they were still taking pictures of another equipage. It was really nice to meet the owner of the place whom I never met in person. She made us feel very welcome J

Trigger calmly unloaded himself. The baby was asleep in the truck, Phil stayed with her. I let Trigger take a quick look around, put his gear on and walked out to a field. The photographer Kitty Carlisle was there and we talked for a few minutes. Trigger LOVED the long green grass!! We walked around on the field and the photographer took many pictures. Trigger was being very patient and calm.

The photographer showed me the pictures on the camera and some of them were awesome!! They were all good but some better than others :) She´s going to edit them and put them on her webpage within a week and I can choose which ones I want. I have been working with photographers before and I can say that I liked this one! I can highly recommend her if you want nice pictures of your family and/or animals. She is willing to travel within reason and have decent prices.

I learned that I have to learn more about the settings on my camera, especially the ones I´m supposed to use taking portraits. I like taking pictures of horses. I like it a lot but since they always move around I often cheat a little bit and use the SLR function on the camera. Because it´s easier and I´m not experienced with all the features of my camera yet. That said, this photographer didn´t have a better camera than me, she was just good. I´m taking pictures every day, because I want to be good! I want to be really good and take pictures that capture special moments between horses and their humans. I think you have to know how to read horses to capture those really special moments. Those moments that makes a good picture extraordinary. Taking that kind of pictures is my goal.  

I believe that yesterday was a really good experience for Trigger and we had fun!


  1. Maria, it was a pleasure to meet you and Trigger. I never would have guessed you had such a rough day. You both looked great! ~ Kitty

    1. Pleasure meeting you! I hope we meet again :)


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