Thursday, October 11, 2012

Neikka and Mr.Bear


Philip and Wrangle´s warming up before their ten mile ride today.
Today we had a lot of action on the ranch! Philip and one of our friends were going for a ride. Our friend borrowed Trigger from me and Hayley and I were walking with them for a little bit before they rode to the National Forest. After that Hayley and I went for a shorter walk with my dog Neikka and the puppy. Half a mile from the house there´s a black bear on the right side of the trail. He wasn´t aggressive and was standing still. I had to pass him to get to the house and I calculated that it would be OK to do so since he didn´t show any interest in us and I knew he´d seen us. As I was thinking that in my head Neikka all of a sudden attacks the bear. For a second I was really scared thought that hell was about to break lose. I don´t know why she attacked him. She´d met bears before and so far the bears never been aggressive and she´d always stayed by my side not doing anything stupid. I guess the difference was that the bear was closer to me and the baby and maybe that “she had her puppy with her”. I think she believe that puppy is her baby. Since the puppy came to our lives she´s been more active and happier. Their personalities are very similar and they´re together all the time. Back to the bear! The bear returns Neikkas attack with a big slap and Neikka flies through the air and lands close to me. She seems to be alright and I start walking fast towards home. I don´t want to run, the bear moves around but doesn´t come closer. The puppy stayed by my feet all the time. I called Philip and talked to him the whole way home so that he would know where I was (in case something more should happen.) I was very relieved when we finally were inside our back gate!
The boys had a nice ride. They rode more than ten miles. Maybe it´s safer to ride horses?  They didn´t have any experience like that..J Lately Philip and Wrangle have been working on the small details that makes a ride smooth. I was sitting next to the dogs on the porch watching them work today, before the ride and I never seen them looking as good as today. I love watching their development and I´m sure they will reach their Tevis goal.

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