Friday, May 18, 2012

We had a long and fun day yesterday. We bought some stuff for the Baby and I went to a bookstore. I bought nine books that I´ve want to read for a while. I don´t buy new books very often but this time I did. The books we´re about topics close to my heart like: horsemanship, the latest research about small children, Nordic mythology, writing and personal development. I need some input for my brain to work with while my body needs rest.

Philip bought a GoPro camera to attach on his riding helmet. In that way we can document our training towards the Tevis on another level. It´s going to be so much fun!

I was exhausted when we came back to the ranch, took care of the animals and went straight to bed at 10 pm, at 2.30 am I was wide awake and my body didn´t want to stay in bed any longer. I did stay in bed for another two hours, I figure that it will be hard to stay focused the whole day if I start getting up at 2.30! At 4.30 I just had to get up, so I did J it´s still very quiet and I kind of enjoy this early mornings. I´ve been getting up early for so many years, first as a baker and then for commuting to work that my body automatically wants to start the day early. Most of the time it´s really nice to be able to start the day early, it has some disadvantages though, sometimes when we have guests late or are out to have some fun I start having problem keeping my eyes open around midnight…


Today I have another doctor appointment, feels like I´ve been hanging out at the hospital a lot lately but it nice to confirm that everything is well with our Baby.

Happy Friday!

Love Maria

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