Sunday, May 20, 2012

Uninvited visitor

Trigger woke me up before daylight this beautiful Sunday morning telling me something is wrong. He was running around like crazy on the pasture (I have them on a pasture close to the house during night just in case..). Trigger doesn´t easily get over excited. He kept calm even when we met a bear a few weeks ago. Today he didn´t stop running and neighing. I hurried outside. All the horses were sweating and had a wild look on their faces. They all came right up to me. I couldn´t see anything strange. I gave them some hay and hanged out with them until daylight broke. When there was enough light I started checking them thoroughly. When I came to my white horse Diamond he had marks of a BIG cat on his back. Not deeply in his skin, mostly on the dirt that he always covers himself with. He wasn´t injured but we definitely had a Mountain Lion for a visit early this morning. I´m so thankful nothing terrible happened. I haven´t yet seen a Mountain Lion with my eyes, only the tracks of them. I know there´s many in the area.

We are getting a new guard dog today! A German Shepard named Stella. I´m looking forward to her arrival at noon J

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