Monday, May 7, 2012

Imagination rules the world!

It´s been hot today (84 degreese, sunny, no wind). I was running errands in the morning but spent most of the day inside. Around 5pm when it cooled down a little bit I decided to take Trigger for a long walk. I told our three dogs to guard the house while I was gone, closed the gate and walked away. Our yard is fenced for horses. A mile down the road Trigger stops, 30 seconds later Neeika (my dog) comes around the corner. She jumped the fence. She´s convinced that it´s her job to guard me and not the house. Well, well..we have two other dogs that guards the house so I guess it´s OK. I just can´t be mad at her. She´s done this before and found Trigger & me many miles down the trail. My only concern is that she doesn´t understand to stay away from cars on the way to the trail. When she´s with me my concern is that when we pass other guard dogs and they start barking she sometimes decides to fight them. Therefor I can´t have her loose outside our property. Today I didn´t have a leash with me, why should I? I decided to let her walk Trigger and attached her to his rope. In that way she had an important job and couldn´t fight other dogs. I wouldn´t do this with any horse and any dog, it could end with disaster but both Neeika and Trigger listens well to voice cues. We had a really good time!  

I´m a little bit jealous of Philip, he´s going to try a horse tomorrow. A Tevis horse! This horse´s grandfather won The Tevis twice and we believe in this horse, Aya Wrangle.

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