Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother´s Day!

This morning I heard a song on the radio that I haven´t heard in a while, “Something more” with Sugarland. I remember hearing that same song about a year ago.

               Monday, hard to wake up
Fill my coffee cup, I'm out the door
Yeah, the freeway's standing still today
It's gonna make me late, and thats for sure
I'm running out of gas and out of time
Never gonna make it there by nine

There's gotta be something more
Gotta be more than this
I need a little less hard time
I need a little more bliss
I'm gonna take my chances
Taking any chance I might
Find what I'm looking for
There's gotta be something more

Five years and there's no doubt
That I'm burnt out, I've had enough
So now boss man, here's my two weeks
I'll make it short and sweet, so listen up
I could work my life away, but why?
I got things to do before die

Repeat Chorus

Some believe in destiny, and some believe in fate
I believe that happiness is something we create
You best belive that I'm not gonna wait
'Cause there's gotta be something more

I get home 7:30 the house is dirty, but it can wait
Yeah, 'cause right now I need some downtime
To drink some red wine and celebrate
Hey, Armageddon could be knocking at my door
But I ain't gonna answer thats for sure.
There's gotta be something more!

There's gotta be something!

I did relate to every word trying to keep up with a very busy lifestyle; Getting up around five every morning to be able to spend some time with my horse before my son wakes up, leaving my son at school in the morning, fighting the traffic on the freeway, working looong days (with a work I loved), fighting the traffic once again, picking up from school, grocery shopping, making dinner, play time with my son, taking care of my horse, training, going to bed around 11pm exhausted. I loved every minute but I understood that I couldn´t go on like that forever. I hardly had time for my friends and I definitely missed having that special person in my life.

Some believe in destiny, and some believe in fate
I believe that happiness is something we create
You best belive that I'm not gonna wait
'Cause there's gotta be something more

I truly believe that! I believe that all our experiences in life helps create the person we are and that no one except me can make the choices that create my happiness. How could anyone else know about my dreams? What makes me happy? Of course there are some general rules. I believe that a selfish lifestyle never can bring true happiness to a person’s life. All living things are connected and what I choose to do affect other people’s life as well as my own. I want everyone to experience good things in life, but I don´t believe that me being some kind of martyr (the way I was brought up to believe that life was supposed to be like..) would help anyone.

My stepfather was an alcoholic. It was awful. I have a hard time dealing with drunk people but I decided from a very early age that I´m not going to be a loser like him. I have a choice. I don´t have to drink or do other things I don´t want to just because my surroundings does. (I can make my own decisions. I do like a glass of wine to a nice dinner sometimes. When I´m not pregnant of course. )

I made some choices that I know see perhaps weren´t the best. I don´t regret them though. They made me who I am and they all brought me to this happy place that are my life today: spending my life with a man I admire and love, living on a ranch (always been my dream), working with horses, being a mother, travel, spending a lot of time outdoors on incredible places, making my own time schedule every day, no stress but meaningful things to do. I believe in writing my goals on a piece of paper and then make mental images to reach them. (How will I feel when I´m there? What does it taste like?  Right now I see myself and Philip after the finish line of The Tevis Cup in 2014! Tired but SO happy and proud of our horses :)

This is something I´ve been doing since I was a teenager. Manifesting my future.I am so thankful for the gift of life, love and happiness that are within reach for all of us.

I just came inside from being out with my horses this morning. The mornings have always been the best part of the day for me. I love breathing the new life that a new day brings, listening to the songs of nature, meditating, feeding the animals, and grooming the horses, taking the dogs for a walk, catching goats on the run…and all those things that make life beautiful.

Time to make some breakfast. No one but me is up yet, I believe there will be breakfast in bed. Sunday is family time, we´re spending this Sunday at home at the ranch. We´ve talked about taking the horses down to the creek and chill out there for the day. Some of us are probably going for a ride…not me though..

Being a Mother is one of the greatest gifts in life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all amazing Mothers out there!

Love Maria

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