Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Traverse Creek Loop Trail

One of the best ways I know to deal with challenges like a bad mood, bad day, no sleep, boredom…well almost everything is EXERCISE. Working my body always make me feel good.

I didn´t sleep much last night, just not very comfortable anymore. It´s not comfortable to stay in bed either. I decided to do something fun instead. I´m not supposed to ride, but no one can say anything about having fun with my horse, right! ;) I walked (didn´t even cheat a little bit by riding!) Trigger to the trails and took a short trail that I remember I always thought was very easy, when riding.
It was slightly a little bit harder to walk next to your horse with a big belly. I certainly didn´t remember the rocky parts to be so steep..

The day became very hot and sunny before we came home, almost 80 degreese.

It was definitely enjoyable though J The nature is very beautiful and lush right now. I think Trigger had a good time too. I know I had! I feel great and ready for a nap J

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