Monday, May 21, 2012

The right one!


For a while Philip have been helping the Human Society by fostering dogs with aggressive behavior and trained them so they can be adopted. There are always dogs around here! In the same time both of us have been dreaming about finding a German Shepherd to keep, the right one J

We finally think we met her. Her name is Stella and she´s one year old. Imported from Germany when she was a baby.  We both liked her a lot from the first time we saw her. She got some aggressive issues that´s why her owner couldn´t keep her. We haven´t seen any of that yet, she just came to us yesterday but we´re prepared to work with that.

She´s a really sweet girl. She had some training. She knows about 20 different commands, though they all are in German. I don´t speak German! She tries her best to understand when I try and as long as I really mean what I say she seems to understand. I´m very happy no one hears me!

We´re having her in the house for a couple of days so she bonds with us, after that she´s going to be an outdoor dog. Last night she slept on the floor next to our bed, every couple of hours she reach up to the bed and licked my feet. I´m extremely tickles under my feet and every time she did I jumped up. When she realized everything was fine she just went back to sleep and left me awake. At exactly 6.30 (I assume that´s when her former owner got up) she jumped up and landed on top of me and starts giving me kisses all over my face. Normally I would have been up almost two hours but since I didn´t get much sleep last night I was still in bed. I hurried up and thought that she might need to go potty or something but she just wanted to play. I´m not worried about losing the extra pounds I gained during pregnancy with her and the horses around!


  1. Hon ser jättefin ut, Maria.. det är inte säkert att ni någonsin ser ett spår av någon aggressivitet.. oftast beror det bara på bristande kunskap och brist på ledarskap hos ägaren.. ;) med rätt bemötande behöver hon inte vara aggressiv mer.. :) Skönt för henne att hon kom till er! <3

  2. Lovely... but how are your allergies coping with a dog in the bedroom?

    1. Not that good!! She was there for two nights and that was more than I could take..


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