Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trigger V/S Mountain Lion

I feel so ashamed of myself. Trigger called me in the middle of the night, the dogs were barking and I didn´t go out. I wasn´t even asleep when it all started. I was sitting in the living room reading and being mad for not being able to sleep. I figured that whatever was going on all three adult dogs were out and that they would take care of it. I heard all the dogs barking and chasing something and Trigger was galloping around. Stella the new one was in the mudroom and not able to do any disaster or get hurt. I should of trusted my instinct and see why my horse called me. He´s a quiet, calm horse and does not get himself into other trouble than sometimes being mean to new horses in the herd. Except now he didn´t have any horses to be mean to, he was by himself in the yard. The only time he called me in the middle of the night before was when a Mountain Lion came to the pasture. I think that was happened this time to. I´m going to take action against this! I should´ve known better and listened to him.  Whoever did this to Trigger is not going to be able to do it again.

I promised Trigger to always listen to him in the future and hope that he can forgive me. He put his head in my lap and I think he will put up with me. Sometimes I don´t know why he does. I just love him.

Marks on exactly the same spot of his back that Diamond had footprints of a Mountain Lion last week..


  1. Replies
    1. Ja igår var han lite ynklig... :(
      Mycket piggare idag! :)

  2. alldeles för mycket djurliv hos dig ;) av den vilda sorten... Antar att det finns spindlar också? som jag tycker är mycket farligare än de stora djuren om du undrar

    1. Haha...ja djurlivet är rätt så rikt och det finns spindlar och skallerormar. Jag är mer rädd för ormarna. Spindlar är små och de stora djuren är på något sätt mer hanterbara..


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