Friday, May 4, 2012

New Pastures

Philip working with the tractor

It´s been a long and intense day at Traverse Creek Ranch. We rented a tractor this morning and we´ve started to clear land for new pastures. It´s thick out there! Lots of Blackberries and Scotch Broom everywhere and some nice spots with lots of grass in between. We have one spring fed big pond and we´re going to have that pond in the middle of a big pasture. I think the horses will appreciate that on warm days.

The vegetation is thick but as soon as we cleared it the grass will explode and we´ll have nice pastures eventually :)

The pond is going to be in the middle of one of the pastures

Tomorrow we´re moving two older horses to another pasture so they can eat some valley grass. Especially the oldest one really need to gain weight. He´s a rescue and we´ve been told he´s 19 years old, but I don´t believe that. He´s more likely closer to 30. He´s retired and if it´s possible we just want to give him a good time with horse friends on a big pasture where he can eat all he wants and be a horse.

Our organic strawberries are delicious and I just can´t stop eating them! They´re so sweet right now.

Goby and Lord Bowler says good night!

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