Friday, May 25, 2012

New Trails!

Philip and his brother David have been working hard with the tractor for a couple of days making roads all around the property. Now you can actually ride a horse from the house down the driveway, around the biggest pond, down to the creek and up the hill back to the house - all around the ranch J They cleared space around the pond and next to the creek for fishing and water activities. As the days get hotter I bet we´re going to spend a great deal of time there. Feels very good to finally have access to the whole ranch. They did an awesome job! Thanks!!

This morning I took Trigger, three goats and three dogs with me exploring the improvements.
 First we walked down the driveway and it was a lot smoother than before.


We walked around the biggest pond.

Passed a meadow on our way down to Traveerse Creek.

Resting at the creek.


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