Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scouting The Tevis Trail

We started to familiarize ourselves with the Tevis Cup trails. Today we focused on the last section before the finish line in Auburn. It´s probably going to be the hardest part. You´ve been awake for almost 24 hours and been riding over 80 miles AND it´s going to be dark. Our plan is that our horses are going to know the trail extremely well and be well aware of where the finish line is = rest + food.

It´s truly a beautiful part of the trail and I am glad we´re able to ride it in daytime while practicing. The wildlife and vegetation is rich. We did see a bear today, just underneath the trail. We met a lot of hikers and some riders. One man just bought a new horse and was conditioning him for Tevis this year. I am glad we have more time on our schedule. By the look of his horse he would of gained from having more time too.. But he seemed to be an experienced rider and I liked his horse (an Arab of course).

This morning when I went grocery shopping in town I passed a woman and her Shetland pony on the highway. The pony was probably around 30 years old and so proud and happy about his job pulling the little cart. Both the woman and the pony seemed to have such a good time. It makes me happy to see older horses that are well cared for and not forgotten. This horse obviously enjoyed himself at the most. Maybe this was the woman’s first horse that she got as a little girl? And now that she´s too big to ride the horse any more they find other fun things to do together? Or maybe it´s a rescue horse that found a new happiness and love in life? Either way it put a smile on my face :D


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