Thursday, May 10, 2012

Aya Wrangle

I´m so jealous! Philip found his Tevis Horse. No, I´m not really jealous, I am very happy for him. I just wanna ride really bad and my doctor told me today that I have to slow down…like a lot..not fun.

Aya Wrangle

Philip drove down to Twentynine Palms to look at this special horse, Aya Wrangle. His grandfather won the Tevis twice and we really believe in this horse. Philip and Wrangle arrived here at the ranch around 1am last night. It was a long drive from the desert in Southern California to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

I wished I could of come with him to visit Aya Arabians and take a personal look at their horses.

I´m told that they have many good horses over there. Philip saw some young ones that he really liked.

I bet that this new life Wrangle has up here is a lot different from living in the desert. He actually has grass under his feet and plenty of space to run around on a pasture. We didn´t put him in a huge pasture with tons of grass right away of course, one step at the time.

After being a horse for some hours Philip took him for a test ride on the trails in Eldorado National Forest. My horse Diamond who knows the trails and goes everywhere here came along. I let my friend Sam ride him, since I can´t. They had a lot of fun! Both horses have plenty of go and they were a good match on the trail. I would of given a lot to be able to go with them!

Diamond tagged along on their first ride as mental support in the new environment.

On their first ride they crossed water, walk over bridges and climbed rocks, all which probably were new things for Wrangle. He did really good! When he hesitated crossing creeks Diamond went first and showed the way. Philip is very happy with him. I am happy that he is so happy and I believe Wrangle will be very happy partnering up with him. One step closer to Tevis 2014 J

Just before their very first adventure on the trail

AND Aya Wrangle is really well mannered! I highly appreciate that since I´m in charge of the horses every day care.

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