Monday, May 14, 2012

Aya Wrangle

Making focaccia and the smell makes me happy! I love baking my own bread. I finally start getting along with using dry yeast instead of live yeast that I´m used to. In Sweden every supermarket, grocery store etc. have live yeast. I found it very difficult to find it here. Been looking everywhere in Northern California. I´m sure I can find it in the big cities like San Francisco and LA but since live yeast is so sensitive to temperature changes and needs to be cold (but not frozen) in an unbroken chain from the store until you use it, I found it pointless to look so far away. Using dry is definitely not the same thing but I kind of starting to get a hold of it now J

Philip is out on the trails with his new horse Aya Wrangle. It´s the first time they ride alone without company. He´s been riding him with Diamond earlier and yesterday Trigger and I kept them company for a shorter walk. Wrangle seems to settle in well. He´s recently gelded and yesterday our neighbor had his brood mare in his pasture next to ours which was a little bit exciting for him. He handled it well though. There´s a completely new world here and he is very curious about everything; like trees, water, flowers, farm animals and all things you don´t see in a desert. He´s not scared, just curious. We´ve been trying to expose him to all the things we imagine he´s going to see on the trails with other experienced horses. To make things easier for him. He is very willing and didn´t have any objections to head towards the trails by himself today. I believe most horses see the trails as a big fun park. At least I know ours do! I´m looking forward to hear everything about their adventure today as soon as they come back J

Philip and Wrangle in training for The Tevis Cup of 2014

Trigger and I have been playing a lot on the ground lately, when I haven´t been riding much. He loves to play! We´ve been walking up and down stairs (outside), climbing up on things, I´ve been longing him out in the nature across a creek and back, we also been taking walks two times a day exploring the neighborhood and the wilderness around us. I don´t think he minds not being ridden every day. As long as he gets lots of attention.

Trigger is completetly happy just chillin with me, doing some trick training and going for walks.
 As long as he is the center of attention :)

Diamond on the other hand clearly misses being ridden every day. Philip has been riding him some days. Diamond is a really good horse with lots of go. He´s in great condition right now. I decided to let one of my friends who love Diamond and needs a ranch horse borrow him until I can match his energy again. Accepting my limitations is not one of my strong sides however I feel very good about this arrangement, a win/win situation. Diamond is most happy when he´s working.


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