Monday, May 28, 2012

Endurance Riding in Gold Country

I´m reading a book about the “Gold Country” where we live and endurance riding. The name of the book is “Return to the river” (American River), the author is Diane “Running Deer” Ripley. She was a competitor in the “Great American Horse Race” the longest horse race in history, across America. (There was a team of Icelandic horses in that same race J)

The author also completed The Tevis Cup several times. Her journey to find herself and all her adventures on the way is very interesting. Most of the places she´s writing about is within riding distance from our ranch that makes it even more interesting to read about.

Philips horse Aya Wrangle´s grandfather Bezatal is part of the story. From page 36 about The Tevis Ride 1965 and 1967:  “The horse, Bezatal, the greatest endurance stallion that has ever lived. They set the record on the original course of eleven hours and thirty-eight minutes in 1965 and won again in 1967 when I first saw them, in eleven hours and forty-two minutes. I was in love, all childhood fantasies were captured in that first vision of Ed and Bezatal.”

If you´re into endurance riding or just love horses this is a book for You!

Aya Wrangle, Bezatals grandson and Diamond last night outside a resturant.

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