Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The art of writing

Yesterday I stumbled upon this awesome website http://goinswriter.com/ by the Author Jeff Goins. I found his tips for social networking and writing extremely relevant and useful, therefor I´m sharing it with you. I know that many of YOU my dear readers have blogs of your own. I bet that you could use a portion of Jeff´s wisdom and experience too.

After I subscribed to his newsletter he sent an email with even more useful tips. In the end Jeff asked me, his new follower, to reply to the email and tell him a little bit about myself. So I did. Since I wrote my reply after following all the links in his email my mind were on my own writing skills, or luck of skills. Here´s a copy of my letter = my thoughts of my blog writing challenges right now. I would love for you to think about what you would do if you were in my shoes. Leave a comment and tell me after you finished reading my letter to Jeff.

Hi Jeff!
I found your awesome blog yesterday when I googled different ways to improve my blog. I´m a Swedish girl that decided to say yes to my childhood dreams of having a ranch. Infact my husband and I have several ranches now. I always loved writing and therefor writing a blog about things I´m passionate about seem like a brilliant idea. I´m relatively new to blogging and I´m eager to learn from more experienced networkers and writers like yourself. I love challenges, I´m smart and I am the living proof of that everything is possible. Right now my two biggest challenges are:
GRAMMAR (as you probably already noticed!) English is my second language. I live in California and I choose to write in English to read the audience I want to connect with (and all my Swedish readers speak English as well.) I sometimes have access to editors, but not to every post I write. I´m trying to solve that problem by reading as much high quality material as I possibly can every day. I also write every day.
TIME: I have a family - a husband, two adorable kids (one of them 4months old and still breastfeeding), 15 horses, alpacas,dogs, sheep and goats. I also have a time consuming hobby/work(sometimes) as a photographer.
I followed many of the links you shared and I found several of them very useful. Especially the one about asking the people you want to interact with. I discovered the same thing three years ago, that good leaders want to have interaction with us "deadly people".
Thank you for great inspiration, I´m really looking forward to getting to know you better.
Maria Northcutt

What kind of challenges do you have as a writer? In your daily life? How are you dealing with them?
What´s your thought about the challenges I mentioned? Let me know!


  1. Oh my goodness! I actually have Jeff's book "Wrecked". I haven't read it all but because of the "Time" issue you mentioned. I can totally relate! Another big hurdle of mine is understanding it all! Networking, writing, codes, format's, privacy polies, Templates, link up, etc. It can all be so overwhelming!
    Thanks so much for sharing Jeff's link!

    Katie from the simple lane

    1. Oh! I´m ordering it today. Let´s read it and talk about what we learned AND how we plan to use it!Deal?

      Your blog looks great, by the look of your blog I think you understand enough ;)I don ´t know if it´s possible, or even necessary to know everything. I read a lot about codes, format´s and layout´s before I started my first blog. Nowadays I only read when I encounter a problem, need inspiration or see something another blogger done on their blog that I would like to do. I much rather read about trends in blogging and actual blogs that I enjoy following.

      Thank you and have a great day Katie!

      xo Maria


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