Monday, December 17, 2012

Searching for lost luggage

It´s been a real adventure getting my son here. We had some trouble getting his passport on time. We got it the night before he left Sweden!

During his journey the airport lost his luggage and my friend’s bags (who traveled with him.) We spent yesterday trying to find their bags that were supposed to be at San Francisco International airport (a huge airport). First we called all the different numbers they gave us, tried to track their luggage on internet and then we drove over there to actually speak face to face to a person. We spent half the day at the airport. Waiting in line on different places, speaking to a dozen people. Finally we got to talk to a manager that promised to look for our bags. She said that it was possible that it would take her 2-3 hours to find them and asked for our cellphone number so that she could call us as soon as she either found them or determined that they were lost.

We killed some time in a nearby shopping mall. In the evening we still haven´t heard anything. No one answered the phone numbers they gave us. We drove back to the airport and found out that everyone working for Swiss Air (the ones who lost the bags) quit for the day. Without calling back or answering any calls. We drove back home and on the way we bought some new clothes for Joel and my friend.

I hope they´ll find their bags!


  1. Sounds like pretty bad customer service. I hope you hear something about your luggage sooner than later. I'm a new subscriber btw.

    1. Yes indeed.
      Thank you Tasha. You have a beautiful blog, I´m looking forward to getting to know you better.

      xo Maria

  2. How great that you will have your son and friend come to visit. Will your son stay for a longer period?
    I know how you feel about lost luggage. It has happened to me more than one time. A couple of times coming back to the US and one time going to Sweden. Very frustrating. One time it took several days before I got my suitcase. Nowadays I always pack some "necessities" in my carry-on bag. Hugs!

    1. Yes it´s great!!
      My bags have been lost many times seems to be very common. Frustrating..
      I´m trying to do the same as you. If I can I only bring what I can carry on the plane.

      Hugs Maria


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