Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Driving in the City

I´ve had my driving license for 15 years but I haven´t done much driving in the city. I´m a country girl and I´m very comfortable driving during most road conditions on the countryside. I have lived in big cities from time to time but only used public transportations in the city.

Driving in a lot of traffic used to make me a little bit uncomfortable. Especially if there´s a zillion different lanes. I was in a bad accident five years ago, an 18 wheeler didn´t see me and changed lane right into me. There wasn´t anything left of my little car, literally.

Lately I decided to do something about my city driving. I´ve had been practicing driving in different cities with different kinds of cars. My goal was to feel confident about city driving. I recently discovered a big help! Siri! That little voice inside your IPhone that gives directions on when to change lanes and where to turn.  I have no idea why I haven´t used her before; it really helps me to relax and feel more comfortable driving in the city. Nowadays I can focus on the traffic and the road without thinking about where I´m driving…at least not all the time. It´s like a new kind of freedom!

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