Friday, December 7, 2012

A Christmassy Feeling

Looking forward to introducing Hayley to all
 the scents that are connected to Christmas.

It´s been a very sunny day today. The morning was freezing but the rest of the day was warm. I sat outside the house playing with Hayley for a couple of hours in the afternoon only wearing a tank top and sweating. Lovely California!

Strangely enough I´ve felt a strong Christmassy feeling for a few days (despite the luck of snow and cold weather). I´m planning to do some major grocery shopping for Christmas baking tomorrow. Can´t wait to fill the house with the yummy scents of Christmas. I´m talking about traditional Swedish Christmas candy that I don´t even have English names for but I promise to take pictures and publish the recipes if someone feel like trying them J

Talking about Swedish. . for a couple of months I´ve been writing all my posts in Swedish and English. However I´ve decided that from now on I´m only going to write in English. That would free up time for a better content and all my fellow Swedish friends understand English perfectly. I don´t know if my American friends knows this BUT in Sweden you start with English as a second language in Preschool Class, when you´re 6 years old. That´s in public schools, some private schools starts earlier. (When I was a kid we started with English in 4th grade, 10 years old. That´s my excuse for my sucky grammar..still working on that ..)


I´d love to hear what you think about todays post. Did you relate to the topic?