Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Exploring new "favorite places"

We haven´t moved our horses to Napa yet. There are a couple days of fencing maintenance to do before we can bring them. We are only going to bring the horses we´re working with on a daily basis; Wrangle, Bezatal, Norman, Faxi and Trigger. They can all share one big pasture, be boys and have fun together. Even though Bezatal is a stallion he´s great with other horses. It makes me happy that he can be a horse and play like a young horse should.

The dogs and I have been exploring the new surroundings today and they sure seem to like it. I love watching their happy playfulness while they are discovering new territories. Whitey is almost as big as Neikka now! He´s going to be a BIG dog. He is so sweet though and listens very well. I´m not teaching him English commands. I started with German commands because that´s how Stella (our Shepard) is taught. I´m also teaching Whitey Swedish commands. I thought that was pretty smart. I don´t want him to listen to all the people coming and going. I can imagine that being confusing. I want to be able to communicate clearly with him, especially because of his breed and size. My intention is that he always is going to be the most well-mannered dog when we´re around other unknown dogs, in parks etc. I take great pride in that. (It´s almost like when you bring your horse to an event and he loads himself into the trailer in 30sec afterwards. It feels good!)

Whitey doesn´t have a mean bone in his body but I want to be able to take immediate control over him if another dog starts something. There are so many nice places where I can take him and Hayley around here. I can only bring a dog that will listen for sure when I have to focus a lot on Hayley. He is that dog! I trust him to listen more than I trust Stella and she´s coming along very well J


  1. Beautiful pictures of awesome scenery! Love the picture where the dog is relaxing in front of the windows--what a life! Hope the dog training goes well.

    1. Thank you! The dog in front of the window is Neikka :)


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