Monday, December 3, 2012

My Birthday

Pictures from the trails Phil showed me yesterday.
The landscape is typical for San Fransisco Bay Area,
 which Napa is a part of. Looking forward to condition
our horses in this beautiful part of the world.

I didn´t write anything yesterday because it was my birthday and I was too busy having a good time! The best thing with my day was that I got to spend it with Phil. We´ve been so busy lately that we haven´t had that much time together.

After several days of rain the sun surprised us with her presence. We enjoyed the sun while Phil showed me different trails around Napa. One of the trails (it´s under construction right now) is 340+miles (and expanding) long and you can ride a loop that reaches San Francisco ! Plenty of room to condition our horses. The land is flat with rolling hills. The sight is good and you can trot/gallop for many miles. We´re moving some of our horses here within the next couple of days.

For the first time since Hayley was born we had a baby sitter in the evening. One of our friends that she knows very well, offered to spend the evening with her. She was asleep when we left and I´d left some bottles in the fridge just in case. She slept the whole time and never realized that we weren´t there.

We had champagne (from our neighbors vineyard!) at home and then Phil took me to a very nice restaurant in down town Napa. The overall quality of food in this area is much higher than any other part of the state (if you ask me). There are more choices of good, healthy food. After a fantastic meal we went to another place for some winetasting. I really enjoyed my day. I´m very grateful that I got to spend it with my husband.


  1. Sounds like a good long trail!.....Are you thinking of doing it?

    1. OOo yes! It´s still under construction but we will use the open parts to condition our horses for The Tevis :)


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