Friday, June 1, 2012

The power of thoughts

When I was a little girl I watched McClouds Daughters on TV after school, about the Australian family of Cowgirl/Ranchers. They had Alpacas and I got very interested in Alpacas after watching the show for a couple of years. They are interesting animals, camels. They come from South America and I don´t know anyone in Sweden who has Alpacas. Having Alpacas of my own seemed to be only a childhood dream. I never thought I would leave Sweden, that wasn´t part of my plan but here I am living in California. People have Alpacas here! We have acreage J

I would love to have a little herd and make wonderful scarves and clothing of their magnificent wool. I really like knitting and it would be the perfect little “business” to have without even leaving home. In March I started manifesting that I would like to start producing my Alpaca products on a small scale in September this year, after our baby Girl is born.

Guess what? Today when I was at the feed store buying hay someone asked me if I wanted some Alpacas that needed to be rehomed. I told him that I would LOVE to have some Alpacas and explained what I wanted to do with the wool. Apparently he knew other people that also wanted to rehome their Alpacas. As soon as we´re finished with our little fencing project (progressing well) I will have my herd of Alpacas J

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