Thursday, June 21, 2012

Play Time, Magic and Ground work

Had such a nice time with Trigger this afternoon. It was pretty warm and we ran through the water sprinkler together, that was fun!  After some play time I was about to go into the house again but he kept following me around. When I stopped and turned around he slowly put his muzzle against my belly and just stood there, completely still, breathing slowly. After a minute or two our Baby Girl kicked him, hard! He stayed with his muzzle on my belly and looked at me. I´m sure that he can hear that extra heart beat inside of me and knows what´s going on. It was a magical moment.

Ground tied
I once again approached the house, and he followed. I decided to let him work a little bit and grabbed a halter. We took a walk and stopped every now and then doing some ground work, like sidestepping, bending and flexing, stop and backup, I also ground tied him on different places (very advanced exercise when there is grass around!) He did really well.  I´m looking forward to start riding him soon. I really miss that. He will never be an endurance horse but maybe we´ll do some competitive trail riding in a few months. He is very brave and good at solving all the obstacles that usually appears on the trail.  I think he would enjoy showing his talents.

I left the dogs at home but as usual one of them found her way to us..

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