Thursday, June 21, 2012

People who inspire me

Since I learned how to read as a five year old I have been reading a lot. While still in first grade I´d read all horse related books on the three libraries closest to my home. As an adult I still read a lot, perhaps I am a little bit more selective now J

Whenever I have a chance to attend to a clinic I love watching great horsemanship in action. If it´s not too far away from home I love taking a horse with me. I believe in progress and learning from people that knows more than me.
Some of the great Horseman´s that inspires me are:

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

He has a magic touch to everything he does with horses. His communication with them are unique. His books are easy to read and understand with lots of pictures, examples and sometimes youtube links. He is all about being here in the moment, which I think all relationships with horses should be about.

Nevzorov 2

I don´t agree with all his extreme ideas but his definetely an excellent horseman and an artist with a noble purpose. The way he makes all kinds of horses to choose to be with him is amazing.

Frédéric Pignon

A movie about Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado. Even if you don´t understand french it´s worth the time !

Frédéric is an outstanding horse artist. This might be more of a show, but his horses seem to be happy and enjoying it as much as he does. I don´t see anything wrong in "the show thing" as long as the horses are happy. I like his work a lot more than his brother´s. Because he got attention from the horses by making himself interesting, not by any kind of force.

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