Friday, June 29, 2012

My Dream Horse

Flaxi Frá Extreme Icelandics.
Thank You Lise Yervasi for the pictures!

I found THE Icelandic Horse that I believe is going to be the perfect equine partner! Or maybe he found me?

I have been looking around at nearly a hundred Icelandic horses in California, Nevada and Oregon. I know exactly what I want and that is not just a cute horse. He/She had to have the right conformation and excellent health to be able to enjoy the thing that I want to do, which is endurance riding. To find that horse was a lot more difficult than I thought when I began my search. I almost gave up hope of finding one. Even started to look at some other more common breeds. My heart wasn´t satisfied because I really wanted a good Icelandic horse.

My husband has eight rescue horses for the moment, I have one. They all had troublesome pasts and most of them are retired. This time I looked for something else. Most of the endurance prospects I looked at had a completely different price tag. Still it seemed impossible to find an Icelandic Horse within reasonable distance that would match the criteria, (I think three states are a pretty reasonable limit..)

I decided to take a break in my search until after our daughter is born. Of course that´s when I see him.  A rescue horse!  His name is Flaxi frá Extreme Icelandics. A little bit of a challenge and a project, just the way I like it. He´s six years old, excellent conformation, wonderful natural tolt and he spent most of his life in a herd on a big pasture which I clearly prefer compared to being raised in  a stable as most horses here. He´s not started under saddle yet. I get to do everything exactly as I want! This is THE Horse.

Unfortunately I wasn´t  the only one thinking this is THE horse but I´m convinced that if something is meant  to be it will be. There are no coincidences. Therefore I didn´t sweat it too much.

It was meant to be! All that is left to do now is to arrange the transportation and my Dream Horse will be here at our ranch in a near future. I am so grateful and excited!

Love Maria

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