Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A life less ordinary


Crazy, Amazing and Perfect, that is how I would describe the relationship I have with my soul mate Philip. We have so much fun together. He is the most intelligent person I ever met, which make conversations with him very interesting. He definitely knows how to make me laugh! He´s seen the world, literally most every bit of it and has an open mind towards life – which I love (and want for my children)! We share the same dreams. He knows how to make me feel like a Queen. He loves horses as much as I do and supports every horse activity I suggest we try such as; spending holidays trail riding, talking about horses many hours a day and thinking that driving twelve hours to look at a horse is a fun activity and a chance to spend quality time together! How many men would do that? I feel blessed. I love him so much!

Driving in to Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

I know for sure that this is the man I want to spend forever with. We both feel like a married couple by now working together at our ranch, but on paper we haven´t been that. Neither one of us want to have a big wedding. We´ve both been married before and decided that our marriage would only be for the two of us. We´ve been talking about going to Reno for a while. Last Saturday when we had breakfast at one of our favorite cafés we decided to just go there. So we did! We took the scenic route and stopped in Lake Tahoe on the way. It was the most perfect day ever! Just my man and me. In the evening we drove over to Reno and got married. Life is good – Crazy, Amazing and Perfect!

Love Maria

Driving to Reno


  1. Grattis!!! vad mysigt, hoppas ni får ett underbart liv ihop och det förklarar hoppet mellan dina inlägg, började nästan bli orolig... Kram på dig!



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