Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The National Day of Sweden

June 6th is The National Day of Sweden. Gustav Vasa was elected to be King in 1523 and Sweden became an independent state. Since 2005 it´s a national holiday. It´s very common to get together with friends and family for a picnic in the park or a barbeque.

Swedish National Anthem:

Technically the day is almost over in Sweden since California is ten hours behind..

The pictures in today’s post is typical Swedish things and pictures from my photogallery of my favorite places in Sweden, hard to choose I have so many :) Like California the landscape in Sweden is very different from the North to the South. 

Swedish Dala Horse, "Dala Häst". Often seen as a symbol of Sweden.
 AND it´s made in Dalarna, the region in the middle of Sweden where I was born.

Typical Swedish landscape in springtime.

Traditional Swedish Cinnamon Bun, Kanel Bulle.
If I had to choose one pastry that I enjoy baking the most: this is it!
It smells wonderful and they are delicious.

In Sweden we have "Allemansrätten" which is a law that gives everyone access to most of the land, nature and parks without any fees. Swedish people love the outdoors. Taking care of the environment and  nature is an important subject in school. Everybody enjoys the nature and  It´s also everybodys buisiness to make sure Sweden stays clean.

Icelandic Horse, Draumur från Lillla Strängshemmet.

Kopparmärra, statue in Central Gothenburg. It´s a staue of King Karl IX. The name of the statue is a joke since he wasn´t riding a mare, he always rode a stallion. Nowadays the statue is a wellknown meeting place for people. If I´m in Gothenburg this is where I usually meet my friends. In my twenties I worked at Café Cappuccino just behind the statue.

Timber and forestry is one of Swedens major export industries and  birch trees are  typical scenes in the landscape.

Kinnekulle, protected National Forest Area.

Sweden have MANY lakes of different sizes.

Nolhaga Park in Alingsås, Southern Sweden.

My Icelandic Horse, Pjakkur Från Mysinen sleeping on a lush, green meadow.


Lake Mjörn, recreational area in Alingsås, Southern Sweden.

Lake Mjörn

Pjakkur, Icelandic Horse.

Marstrand popular island in Bohuslän.

View from Marstrand over the mainland.

Swedish summer :)

Riding my greenbroke young horse at Lagmansholms Herrgård last summer.

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