Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time to "do nothing" with your horse

Pictures of lost horse shoes nailed on a tree on The Western States Trail.

I haven´t been riding Trigger for about a month due to my pregnancy and for at least two more months riding wasn´t exactly what I consider RIDING, more like being a passenger and only in a very slow pace. Some might think that I spent less time with my horse but on the contrary I spent a lot more time with my horse. We´ve been going for long walks exploring the National Forest and our neighborhood. We´ve crossed creeks and all kinds of obstacles that came our way. We´ve been chased by dogs and had close ups with bears. Some days, like today we´ve been doing nothing together. I have gradually stopped training other horses for now and therefor Trigger had a lot of attention lately. I´m looking forward to see how this will affect riding him in a few months. We always had a lot of fun on the trails, but I firmly believe that our relationship is on another level now. The rest is doing him good in another way, he´s gaining more weight and looks more like a horse every day J

Trigger will always be my friend and I would never consider selling him, however I´m still looking for “My Tevis Horse”. Triggers qualities are on other areas. 

I enjoy looking for a new horse and I am hoping that I will find the right one before the end of august. Because that´s when I would like to start training. Philip and Wrangle are already making lots of progress and it´s hard to just watch! I want to join them really bad…I am happy that they have a lot of fun together. They seem like a good match.

I´m reading “The Tao of Equus” by Linda Kohanov. It´s a very interesting book. She is also writing about “doing nothing” with your horse to solve many problems that we humans have with our relations with horses due to our stressful everyday life. In the beginning of the book she´s riding her green broke Arab Mare and the mare is kind of feisty one day. Her trainer tells her to “Take a deep breath. Keep your body fully in the present and your mind in the recent future. Don´t let the past get in your way.(page 19)”  I thought that was very accurate explanation of where you want to be while riding your horse. I can´t wait to read the rest of the book…and her next which I have next to my bed.

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