Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The gift of time

I am so grateful for this period in my life, because never before have I experienced that I have so much time. Yet I do live a very busy life and I wouldn´t like it any other way. I feel that I am given a lot of free time = freedom and that the fact that I am not stressed about anything makes me very creative when it comes to all the things I can do. It´s like a positive vibration that comes from this peaceful life here at the ranch. I wake up every morning feeling strong and looking forward to the day. I can´t remember any time in my life when I didn´t enjoy the work I had for the moment, but this is different. When I have to take full responsibility for my day’s it´s a whole new world of opportunities that opens up. I feel that I do more than ever before and it makes me very satisfied. Right now I fight with myself to not do work that is physically hard for my body, my body tells me to rather choose to do other projects for a few more weeks. This time that I have every day gives me a sensational feeling of freedom, richness and productivity. I am so thankful that I got to experience what it´s like to be in the right place at the right time. What our fantastic mind is capable of when where not under a lot of stress. What it feels like.

Traverse Creek a short walk from the house

Since I was 15 years old and started commuting to high school in another town I have been getting up at 5am with a very few expectations. Some of the jobs I had in bakeries forced me to get up even earlier. I seldom had any problem with that. Nowadays no one is telling me to get up that early. I simply wake up that early anyway, stay in bed a few more minutes just because I can. After that I am full of energy and ready to go outside and meet the magical morning that awaits here in the mountains. It´s my favorite time of the day. The only sound that I can hear is the sounds of the horses hooves when they greet me good morning, the birds, the rabbits and the deer and some days a light breeze in the trees. After checking on the animals I usually go to our pond for a short session of meditation. After that I take the dogs and some days a horse or two on a long walk. When I come back my mind is at peace with everything and in the same time full of ideas of different projects I want to do. I am grateful that I can do most of my work at home. I feel so blessed that I got to experience this feeling of deep satisfaction that this kind of life gives me. Since I was a little irl I always dreamed about having my own ranch. It is exactly as good, or better than the little girls dream! I am especially grateful for that at this point just before we´re going to have our Baby Girl. I feel prepared!

View from our front porch, one of the best places to enjoy the cool evening air.


  1. Beautiful photos! You live in a very special place, Maria.

  2. Thank You! Yes :) We love it here! We moved here mostly because of the great trails that we have access to from our drive way.

    Love Your blog about your endurance adventures!/Maria


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