Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adding pieces to my new (life) puzzle

The pictures in todays post are from last weeks adventure
 in Siskiyou County, Northern California.

I feel like I'm constantly on mini adventures. My life is an adventure. I guess it's partly who I am ~ a citizen of the world. I like action (but I like sitting down reading a good book too!!) The other reason why my life is an adventure have to do with the man I choose to marry. He is a little bit of an adventurer my dear husband. Things are always happening around him. He always have at least ten different projects going on. For the most I really like it.

Cattle Ranch near Montague, CA.
I love how the clouds rests on the mountains.
It's a magical landscape. I would love to hear some
 local stories about old times in this part of CA.

My challenge is to make sure that my own projects doesn't die in the process. Luckily one of my biggest passions is photography. I am bringing my camera with me every day. My camera is sort of a second journal. I am good at uploading my pictures to the computer, for the most I do it the same day, or at the latest the day after. When I edit my picture, the "adventure" that I captured comes back to me. 

I took this picture on a ranch close to Yreka, CA.

Sometimes it's "only every day magic", sometimes it's rather exciting stuff. I love taking pictures when I'm out riding my horses (or other peoples horses that I train.) I usually don't bring my big camera. I use my iPhone when I'm on horseback. It works pretty good. 
I've taken some of the best pictures in wilderness areas that would of been pretty hard to get to without a horse.

Trinity Alpes
Lately my daughter, my dog, my camera and I have been traveling around Northern California a lot, due to my husbands business. I love the landscape, the interesting people you meet and the food (that sometimes are as interesting as the people who serves it..) I learn a lot while I'm on the road. Since I'm not a native Californian I feel that I want to learn as much as possible about the local history, what people do for a living, what kind of crops the farmers grow on different places, what kind of trees I see, the names of the mountain peaks that surrounds me etc. I love adding more pieces to the puzzle. I always loved being able to see the whole picture. I want to know about my surroundings. Otherwise I can't feel at home. I'm slowly getting there, a little bit more every day.

Montague, CA

I took this picture driving from Etna, CA.

When my children ask questions about things they see, I want to know the answers. Maybe I won't tell them the answers every time. I like them to gather knowledge on their own. But I want to know the answers.


  1. Ja de där motiven ser bekanta ut. :) Av någon anledning ser det mycket finare ut med dina bilder än när jag ser kullarna i verkligheten.
    Du kommer snart kunna mer än vad jag kan. ;) Borde ha lärt mig mycket mer än vad jag gjort under alla år här. Kram!

    1. Tack!!

      Det måste vara underbart att se de varje dag :)

      Du har helt fantastiska bilder , du ska vara stolt över de!



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