Saturday, February 16, 2013

A new life

A year ago I met a very anxious dog. At night she was locked up in a tiny crate, in the dirtiest, smelliest house I ever seen. The dog was also very dirty. During daytime she was tied up most of the day. She was sad and unhappy. Sometimes her owner would take her of the line she was tied up to (they explained that she always was on the dog run because she ran away if she was loose. They lived on a 20acres ranch....) When the owners were out of state my husband and I watch the dog. When we came she was tied up on the dog run all tangled up. They did not leave any food for her, for the two weeks we were going to watch her. She didn't have water. 
The times I saw her off leash with the owners they always nagged on her (screaming her name like 100 times/minute.) She was almost more uncomfortable off leash. I felt very sorry for her.

Stella, Whitey and Charity (the dog in the story) this week.

Two days ago I had the pleasure to meet the same dog. I almost didn't recognize her. She had a new owner. A beautiful, happy, confident, clean, respectful dog came to meet me. Very happy to see me. There was something familiar with the dog, but I didn't recognize her immediately. I had to ask if it was the same dog. She gained some weight and her fur was sparkling, thick and shining. The biggest difference was her happy confidence. This dog was living the life! 
It made me very happy to see what an excellent job her new owner done loving her, and giving her her life back. 

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  1. What a lovey outcome! I think it is so important to celebrate these happy animal stories!


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