Sunday, July 22, 2012

Towards The Tevis

While being pregnant I had time working on my strategy towards riding The Tevis in 2014. In the beginning of my pregnancy I rode part of the trails on my horse Trigger.

Later on I have been reading books and blogs about people who successfully completed The Tevis and compared their strategies. It´s been very interesting, inspiring and helped me keep my spirits up while I haven´t been able to ride for a couple of months.
During this time I´ve spent a lot of my energy searching for and looking at Icelandic Horses suitable for endurance riding. Eventually I found a horse I believe in. I still have to pick him up, it´s the first thing on my list after the birth of our Baby Girl. I´m looking forward of getting to know him. I made a mind map for a training schedule, with goals and approximated times for reaching them. Everything will depend on the horse but I´m certainly going to do my part. I can´t wait to start! I´m very excited!

I´m thinking that I would like to either crew for someone next year or work as a volunteer as a part of my own preparations, to get a better feel of what The Tevis is really like.
This summer have been full of exciting endurance events in our neighborhood and I´m really looking forward to next summer when I can participate in some of them. Gold Country is the place to live in if you love horses, nature and wild life!
One of the most useful books I´ve read as part of my preparation is Tevis from the back of my horse, by Sharma Lynn Gaponoff. I´ve read it twice and wrote about it in an earlier blog post.

I also read Return to the river - a young woman´s long ride home, by Diane “Running Deer” Ripley.

Right now I am reading It has nothing to do with age – stories of driven athletes who compete in extraordinary sports, by Frank Lieberman. I was a little bit concerned when my husband gave it to me the other day because it´s about growing old and still undertake grueling athletic endeavors. (I´m not a big fan of thinking about growing old. I take actions for a pleasant old age like nurturing love and friendships, staying true to my passions, living healthy etc. that being said I don´t like thinking about getting old while I still feel on top of my world.  I love living every day right now.) The author begins his journey with horses at a mature age and finds new purposes with his life through them. I barely read half of it yet but he just made it his goal to ride The Tevis, it´s getting more and more interesting. His positive spirits and thoughts are very inspiring. I can highly recommend it.
These are two of the blogs that I follow and they are also a great source of inspiration:

The books and the blogs are all written by positive athletes with a deep love for their horses. The places they write about are right here, I can easily try the trails and the events they write about. Just the thought of that possibility is very inspiring itself.

Beautiful scenary along the Tevis Trail

Trigger and me earlier this year

American River

Wild life along The Tevis Trail

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