Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The horse in all the pictures in todays post is my 16 yearl old Arab/Mustang Diamond.

Yesterday we were driving around to different feed stores all over Gold Country looking for fencing. We have to fence new pastures ASAP. We have the land and we want to use it better than we do right now.

Diamond and his friend Marlin playing on one of the pastures.

At one of my favorite (favorite because they´re not only in to show tack, they have the real thing that will last on real rides in rough country) stores Placer Farm Supply among many other things a book captured my eyes. It´s written by a local author Sharma Lynn Gaponoff, “Tevis, from the back of my horse”. It´s a thrilling story about how Sharma and her horse Tahoe prepared for, rode and completed The Tevis Cup in 2010.

The only thing with the book is that I couldn´t stop crying reading the prologue! A very touching story with lots of guts, determination, intelligence and heart. The language is brilliant.

Every horse lover that values their relationship with a special horse should read it. I haven´t read the whole book yet, only half of it but I don´t doubt that I am going to finish it tonight. I love the thorough descriptions of how they are preparing themselves and  dealing with difficulties.

It´s interesting that her strategies were very similar to what we´re already doing and are planning to do before our ride in 2014. It obviously worked for her! The Lady in the feed store, Pam, also said that Sharma was one of the nicest girls she ever met. I so wanna meet her and talk more about her experiences J

Diamond and Buster

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