Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reducing costs and discovering a new world!

I read a great article this morning about how to reduce your costs regarding your horse expenses. Here it is: http://bit.ly/zfWYXS

That made me think about what we´re doing to reduce our costs. I think that we´re actually doing quite a lot. Here are some of the things:

We have our horses outside all year round, with shelters that they can walk into whenever they like (they only use them rarely).
My boyfriend studied farrier sciences and learned how to trim hooves, he trims all our horses’ hooves. That really helps keep costs down (especially since some of the rescues needs hoof care every week).
We find it critical to learn as much as you can about horses general wellbeing/health and check them thoroughly every day to look for changes. That helps prevent expensive vet costs (Of course I believe in regularly checkups by a professional as well).
I exercise people’s trail horses and help them with other things around their horses when needed.
The hay prices are ridiculously high right now. We have our horses on pastures but during the winter months we also give them hay. I find it cost effective to give them hay three times a day, instead of one or two. They have time to nibble on grass and vegetation in between meals and are never starving.

Something completely different! We´re having a baby this summer and therefore I spent most of the day at the hospital taking all kinds of tests. I hate being in that kind of environment, but I kind of like the doctor I have here. She´s cool. Today she told me that she usually recommends people that are in this stage of the pregnancy to quit riding horses, but that she wouldn´t tell me to do that. As long as I listened to my body and don´t take any risks- like riding crazy horses. Hahaha…I never ride crazy horses…I actually don´t ride every day now. I do listen to my body. All days aren´t made for riding right now BUT it´s awfully nice to know that I can ride as long as I do it on a “safe” horse J

Going to a doctor here in California is definitely not like going to a doctor in Sweden. I am perfectly healthy and they run all kinds of tests anyway, like for glucose intolerance?  I mean it´s really good that they do a thorough job, I have just never been examined like this before. And chokingly they ask a lot of questions about the parent’s (that would be us) race! That would be classified as racism in Sweden. Not that I mind answering questions (lots and lots and lots…..) and taking all these tests it´s just different to what I am used to. And another interesting thing- they almost didn´t believe that I didn´t take any kind of medicine, just vitamins. They asked me twice and once again when my boyfriend wasn´t present. That was most unusual for them! For me this is like discovering a new world. It feels good to be assured that everything is well with the baby though. The rest doesn´t really matter.

Love Maria


  1. now that I live in Switzerland I really understand what you are saying . I have not taken medication in 5 years other than an occasional asprin.I have learned that a beer will sooth a colicky horse with walking , or a coffee with schnapps. We try not to overmedicate our animals here too .

  2. Very interesting! I´ve never tryed beer or coffee for horses :) But I makes sense that it would make their guts working, combined with walking.


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