Saturday, April 21, 2012


It was really hot today around 85 degreese Fahrenheit all day. (That´s close to 30 degreese Celsius.) No wind.

This morning after our play time Trigger and I took a bath outside. Later this afternoon I gave Diamond, Buster and the dogs baths as well. I can´t say that they look cleaner than before…the second after I turned the water of they all rolled around in the mud. I believe they enjoyed their baths anyway J

Diamond is recovering well after Triggers attack last week. I was very worried for a while. His wounds are healing well and he got three clean gaits now….and tons of energy! He was very excited today when I took him for a walk. At one time I actually let go of the rope when he got really excited. I didn´t feel that I had the energy to match his. The property is fenced so there was no danger of him running out on the road or something. When I walked up to him he looked at me and I could almost hear him saying “What took you so long?”

He´s an interesting horse Diamond. I only had him since February. He is an Arab/Mustang Cross. I am thankful that I have the chance of getting to know him. He teaches me a lot. I´ve got ta feeling that he was under a lot of pressure when he was young. Forced through situations that he didn´t understand and wasn´t ready for. He is very submissive and knows what he is supposed to do. When you come up with a halter he always comes to you and put his head in the halter. At the same time he chews frenetically and keeps his mouth open a long time after you put the halter on. He does the same thing with rope halters and headstalls with bits. When you put a saddle on him he stands completely still but his body is shivering. You can tell that he is really stressed. He doesn´t like being tied up for grooming. He stands still without being tied, so most of the time there is no need for tying him.

He got a great personality and he is the first one to welcome me every morning. I feel that we´re getting closer every day. I also feel that all that energy that he have could explode any second if the pressure somehow got to be too much for him. He loves attention and that is what I am going to give him. Attention, time and a lots of love.

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