Friday, April 13, 2012

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We moved to Traverse Creek Ranch January of this year (2012). Everything was covered with deep forest and brush. There were no horse facilities, horse trails or pastures here when we came. The ranch is inhabited by all kind of wild animals: rabbits, birds, raccoons, deer, black bears, hawks, turkey vultures, rattlesnakes, mountain lions and wild pigs to mention a few. There is enough food growing wild out on the property that one could make different kind of salads of berries, roots, mushrooms and fruit to survive all year round. We´re also going to produce organic food in our garden for our family, and maybe  even the local store. Our future goal is to do this but in a much bigger scale. Imagination rules the world, as Einstein so wisely said. Everything you imagine can become your reality. Your thoughts are a powerful tool.  I am blessed living with an intelligent, loving man whose thoughts I highly appreciate. He definitely makes the world and our ranch a better place.

I am passionate about life and all good things in it: my family, horses, horsemanship, trail riding, training, a green lifestyle, organic food, baking, personal development, nature, wildlife, books and photography.

 = Life at the ranch!

These are some of the topics I´m going to write about:

·         Presentations (of family and lifestock) Maria + Philip

·         Rescue Horses

·         Dogs

·         Goats

·         Traverse Creek Ranch- a day at TCR

·         Goals/Projects

·         Trail Riding- Eldorado National forest-the Tevis

·         Sustainable living- worm farm, recycling, eco food

·         Motherhood

·         Baking

·         Challenges

·         Horsemanship-inspiration-training-sustainability-groundwork-philosophy-riding

·         Wildlife-animals

·         Trees-plants on the property

·         Garden

·         Alpacas- organic wool products (one of my future projects)

·         Photography

·         Horse events

·         NLP

·         Children with special needs- Horse therapy

·         Ranching life style

This blog is going to be about all the things I love, challenges, dreams, goals and how to live the dream. Responses, thoughts, feedback and comments are more than welcome! I believe that you learn from every meeting with a person or animal. My goal is to learn a lot.

I hope to meet you out there!


  1. So excited to have you share this. My husband and I are working toward the same dream but not on such a big scale! We are working toward retirement and just want a place with our horses.

    1. Thank You! I hope that you´re dreams about a ranch comes true sooner than later :) It´s awesome to be able to live with your horses. Good luck!/Maria


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