Saturday, April 14, 2012

A little about me

Many of my friends would describe me as a health freak. And YES, I do enjoy eating healthy food and I love all kind of outdoor sports. BUT I do also love Italian pizza, red wine, chocolate and I have a weakness for salty licorice. (Salty licorice is by the way impossible to find here, I bring a huge selection every time I go to Sweden.)
Dala Horse, Sweden

I´m 32years old, very goal oriented. I have goals for every part of my life: training, horses, education and work. I visualize myself doing something and then I do it. I mean I set up realistic smaller goals on my way to my big goal. It always works. I read Rhonda Byrnes´s “The Secret” four years ago, but I lived by it even before I had read the book. Not on the same scale as I do now, but partly.

I love living every day. Every day has a lot of beauty if your eyes are wide open. To feel good I meditate every day and I do yoga almost every day. Every night before I go to sleep I think about the five best things about today. I am thankful for all the blessings that I count every night, such as: my family, friends, horses, beautiful nature around me, moments of laughter, a loving touch, my horse´s warm breath against my cheek. After that I also visualize good things and a lot of energy for tomorrow. Its critical for me to have balance in my life. I work hard to have balance between the different parts in the puzzle that is my life- my boyfriend, my kids, work, free time, horses, the ranch, training, travel, healthy food, personal development, enough sleep. I need all parts to function well. To schedule time for meditation and enough sleep is the key for me.

Pjakkur and me
I have a long love story with horses, around 30 years long. I’ve always been amazed by their beauty and intelligence, though it took me many years before I had the opportunity to have a horse of my own. And it took me even longer to find “the right one”. And that didn´t have anything to do with the first horses I owned, it was all about me. At the right time in my life I met the right trainer that spoke a language I understood and everything fell into place. She was more like a mentor. I started a blog about my horse Pjakkur. That was his name. “The right one”. It was like a training diary that I started at the same time as a friend started a blog about her young horse and their training. We exchanged experiences and shared our challenges and joy along the way. Since Pjakkur still lives in Sweden and I am in California I felt that it was time to start a new blog about my new life. This is it. My horse life today includes two horses, Trigger a four year old Quarter/Mustang and Diamond a sixteen year old Arab/Mustang. Besides that my boyfriend and I have a project with Rescue Horses. You will meet them all along the wayJ
Today we had a hoof trimming day at Traverse Creek. I groomed the horses and walked them over to Philip that trimmed their hooves. Fair deal ;)

I am aware that my English isn´t perfect. I´m working on that, please be patient. I asked Philip to write a little about himself so that you get to know us both. He needed some time for that but hopefully you will read about my other half soon.

Love Maria

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