Monday, April 16, 2012

Strawberries and the search for suitable new pastures

Today´s mission at Traverse Creek Ranch was to:
1.    Work in the garden. Check on the strawberries and plant some vegetables.
2.    Check the game camera further out on the property to see what kind of animals passed by this past week.
3.    Find good spots for new pastures.
Philip did most of the work in the garden while I finished things inside the house. We have two different places with strawberries in our yard. One in a small green house and one out in the open. There´s a huge different between them. The ones inside the greenhouse are 500% bigger than the ones outside! It was an interesting experiment, I guess that we know what to do next year J
After finishing up in the house and in the yard we took two horses and the dogs with us to check the game camera and look for suitable places for pastures. Lord Bowler (the paint horse in the pictures) only been here for about two weeks and had a good time exploring the trails, the creek and all the good green meadows. Trigger was mainly interested in eating…he´s been with me so many hours out in the wilderness so he knows it at least as good as I do. Nothing new for him, but he always enjoys coming along. I like bringing one, two or more horses every time I´m out doing something. They seem to appreciate it and we get to spend time together. I like spending many hours together with my horses every day, to really get to know their personalities - what they like, what they don´t like, if they have any fears etc. And they also get to know me J When I bring them along it doesn´t always mean that they have to do some kind of work. Even though there are some rules that we always apply. If I have them in a rope halter and a rope they are not allowed to “take” the rope. They are not allowed to “walk over” me, to close into my personal space. That is all about safety. They know the rules. Besides that I try to give them as much freedom as I possibly can, depending on the situation.
We did see some places that would make excellent pastures. Requires a lot of fencing…and brush clearing. We will never be bored and out of work J

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