Sunday, April 29, 2012


After a very busy week with a lot of driving around we had a chill weekend at home. Sleeping in late, brunch at the front porch, doing things around the ranch, reading books, hanging out with the horses. The weather´s been really nice, around 75 degreese and sunny. I wouldn´t mind if it stayed like this all summer. It doesn´t necessarily have to be warmer.

Diamond is the only horse that actually worked on the trails both days. Trigger and I have been playing a lot on the ground (Parelli games). On Saturday both horses and dogs got baths outside. As usual they all roll around in the dirt the minute after J

I started to clean out our mudd room for the summer. Cleaning winter jackets that we don´t need any more. Oiling all leather products. We have a pretty big mudd room were we hang our outdoor clothes and leave our outdoor shoes. It´s very convenient, then I can keep the rest of the house CLEAN.

I´ve also been writing to some of the best (in my opinion) breeders and trainers of Icelandic Horses in USA and Canada about my plans to ride The Tevis Cup on an Icelandic Horse. I´ve got a lot of positive responses and been offered many horses. Only a few of them are interesting but I am confident that it is possible to find that very special Icelandic Horse: brave, fast, good minded, with a big heart and excellent conformation = potential for The Tevis.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Love Maria

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