Sunday, April 15, 2012

Like a rollercoaster..

This day didn´t start the best possible way, but turned out pretty good!

Buster and Diamond
I got really scared this morning finding my older horse Diamond badly beaten up by my young horse. Now Diamond is having some peace and quiet sharing pasture with another horse. Trigger (my 4 year old horse) had given Diamond many bites all over his body and kicked him. Horses can be really cruel to each other sometimes. It´s hard picturing my sweet little Trigger doing that to another horse. I would trust my life with him. But on the other hand, life´s treated Trigger pretty cruel. He´s a rescue and the only survivor  out of four horses left starving, unattended by a neglectful owner out on a pasture for a year. When I got him seven months ago besides being very skinny he also had severe injuries in his mouth. He wouldn´t let me touch his head for a long time. Now Trigger is a big teddy bear following me around free everywhere I let him. So it is kind of hard seeing him doing something like that to my other horse who I also love a lot. Diamond looked horrible this morning, but is already much better. I won´t let him go together with Trigger any more. Luckily we do have a lot of space and they don´t need to be together.

After that terrible start we had a great day. The sun was shining and it was really warm today. Trigger got a good spring cleaning, from his ears to his tail! J

We´re having a (new) Sunday tradition, dinner at a Pizza & grill place a few miles away from home. It´s really nice. If you´re ever in Cool, California you should try the “American River Pizza & Grill”. The food is great! Everything on the menu is delicious and the salad bar is huge. The owners are really nice. On the walls they have amazing horse pictures from different endurance events. If you´re looking out the windows (at least on a nice sunny day like today) you can see people riding their horses on the nearby trails. In other words- a great place! At least if you like good food and are crazy about horses J

Lord Bowler
Back home we took Lord Bowler (one of Philip´s rescue horses) and Trigger for a two hour power walk. We stopped by for a chat with some of our neighbors and all of a sudden it was dark outside. Oooopps, didn´t plan for that. Luckily we didn´t meet any traffic on the way home. A lesson there to always be prepared. It sure felt good to finish the weekend with some physical activity. Walking two hours in the mountains at 2300 feet elevation is good exercise!


  1. I know, it is awful when a horse that seems to be so sweet turns on another one. But they are horses after all. It is great that you have room to be able to re-arrange their turnout.

    Lovely blog and look forward to reading more.

    1. You´re right Rachel, they are horses! Thank you very much for your feed back. "See You soon"


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